Black Knight Satellite - Explained and Debunked

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Ancient Probe in Earth Orbit
[Un-] Explained: Debunking the weird and wonderful in (about) two minutes!

The Man on Mars: https://youtu.be/3URDEYI4dNU
Abandoned Cosmonauts: https://youtu.be/O1Clh6xNoJI


Has an alien satellite been orbiting the Earth for thousands of years?

1899: The inventor Nikola Tesla conducts a radio experiment. He picks up still unexplained extra-terrestrial repeating signals.

1954: The US Air Force report detecting two satellites in Earth orbit.

1963: The evidence continues to stack up. Mercury 9 astronaut Gordon Cooper reports seeing an unidentified object in orbit. Tracking stations confirm his sighting.

1973: As the evidence builds to support the existence of an orbiting satellite, author Duncan Lunan speculates that the Tesla signals came from a 13,000-year-old satellite in orbit around the moon.

1998: Proof! Space Shuttle Endeavour photographs the mysterious satellite in orbit.

The Black Knight satellite exists... But who created it... and why?

The Black Knight mystery comes from combining several unrelated and unremarkable stories into one senational one.

The US Air Force report was quoted by Donald Keyhoe and not a first-hand report. Keyhoe was a UFO researcher, not imapartial.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper's UFO incident simply did not happen. There is not a shred of evidence. It is made up by Black Knight believers.

Duncan Lunan retracted his claims of a moon orbiting satellite, calling his own methods 'unscientific'.

The NASA photo was a blanket confirmed as lost during a spacewalk.

The Tesla signals do however remain a mystery, but scientists suggest that an alien satellite is an unlikely cause.

Has ET been spying on Earth?

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