Live Earthquake Map [Real Time]

The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program is part of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), established by Congress in 1977. They monitor and report earthquakes, assess earthquake impacts and hazards, and research the causes and effects of earthquakes.

Tips and tricks for Live Earthquake Map operation: Be sure to check the Map (box) Top Right Corner to see the live Earthquake Map! Use your Middle Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out on the map, if it doesn't work be sure to click the map first! In the Option Box top right we usually just check the ( 7 Days, All Magnitudes Worldwide ) box for best viewing then close the options by unchecking the Options box. You can click the List Box for a recent list of the newest earthquakes however for best view of the map we recommend unchecking the List Box and the Options Box ..

Live Earthquake maps are provided by: USGS

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