Satellite Real Time, Live Maps & Data

  • Weather Live US Radar

    The Live Radar is a updated USA map of clear, clouds and/or storms. You can zoom into the area of your choice by clicking on the sector at the bottom of the radar then you can zoom in to you local area by clicking on the area of the active map that you want to zoom into, then you can zoom in even closer by rolling your middle mouse button. On this map there is a second scroll bar to the right next to your browser scroll bar you will need to use this to navigate the US Weather Radar map.

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  • Space Weather, Solar Flares, Live Maps & Data

    Solar flares are large outbursts of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun lasting from minutes to hours. They are caused by magnetic reconnection associated with large-scale eruptions of magnetic flux called “coronal mass ejections” (CMEs). Solar flares occur in a large range of strengths and are classified on a logarithmic scale based on their intensity in the 1-minute averaged NOAA/GOES XRS instrument’s 0.1 -- 0.8 nm spectral band, with the smallest flares being labeled “A” flares, the next (10 times) larger called “B” flares, the next larger “C” flares, followed by the fairly large “M” flares, and finally the largest “X” flares.

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  • Earth Weater Satellite data, Global Map

    This Satellite data earth global map: includes a visualization of global weather conditions Forecast by supercomputers. Updated every three hours Ocean surface current estimates. Updated every five days Ocean surface temperatures and anomaly from daily average. Updated daily

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  • World Weather & Data Satellite Radar Map Real Time

    This Worldwide Weather Satellite radar Map takes a long time to load because of the massive amounts of weather related data on this map and it loads every time you move or zoom in and out. moving around a lot may even jam up your computer so be patient. It jammed up mine and I have a 8 core processor with 16g ram! My DSL was probably slow.

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